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David C. Williams Memorial Fellowship

In honor of Professor David C. Williams, we are pleased to announce the annual David C. Williams Memorial Graduate Fellowships which will be awarded this spring for the 2013-2014 academic year. This award may qualify recipients to participate in the half-tuition benefit program offered through the Graduate School. The David C. Williams Memorial Fellowship will provide financial support for two students enrolled in the University who are committed to studying, writing, and disseminating information about the principles of stewardship and sustainability in the management of public lands. The field of study is open, but all candidates must be in good standing within his/her area of study.
See attached or online description for more details:

Who is eligible?
All disciplines are encouraged to apply.

To apply, submit
– A resume;
– A brief description of, or pre-proposal for, a thesis, dissertation, or other substantial research paper or project (approximately 2 or 3 pages in length). The description or pre-proposal should clearly specify a research question(s) in an area directly relevant to the themes. The proposed research should have practical utility for public lands managers and policy-making organizations;
– Two letters of support from individuals who have worked with you on relevant projects, and;
– A copy of your most recent academic transcript.

Applications must be received in the College of Social and Behavioral Science Office, 205 OSH, by 4:00 PM, Friday, February 22nd.

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