Master of Science:

Architectural Studies


At a minimum, it is expected that students will take at least three semesters to complete the coursework for this degree and the degree is expected to be completed in no more than five years after starting courses. Early coursework will attend to the students’ preparation to complete the work necessary for the Master’s Project which will conclude the study program.

It is also expected that the majority of the students’ coursework will be comprised of courses offered through the College of Architecture + Planning.  Transfer credit from previously completed graduate degrees (such as an M.Arch) will not be accepted and it is expected that a minimum of 36 credit hours will be taken from the University of Utah. There is an option for the M.Arch + MSAS dual degree program which affords sharing 12 credits of elective coursework. 

Incoming students will consult with the program director of the respective track who will oversee the student’s progress through the track. In the first semester, the student will complete a MSAS Study Plan that outlines the expected course work and timing that the student expects to follow to complete the degree.  Due to variations in the timing of course offerings and the availability of faculty to teach them, this plan will be periodically updated and revised to ensure that the student is on track to complete the degree in a timely manner.

To proceed with the Master’s Project, the student must have completed at least 8 semester length courses required for the MSAS program and obtain permission from the program director.  The Master’s Project is an independent research project in which the student demonstrates proficiency in academic requirement areas. The student proceeds under the direction of a three member faculty committee consisting of at least one regular faculty member for the College of Architecture + Planning, the School of Architecture Chair, and the associate Dean of the College of Architecture + Planning.  The committee chair must be a tenure or career track faculty member of College of Architecture + Planning.  The committee can also include an industry advisor and one additional advisor from within the university.

Candidates for the Master of Science in Architectural Studies degree must complete the Master’s Project (ARCH 6975) during the last semester of their program.  The Master’s Project is an independent effort of the student to produce a written report that documents their research findings.  Students will work with their respective committees and act upon the committee’s commentary to revise the project scope and subsequently content through a series of reviews.  The final project results will be defended before the committee and other interested faculty and invited practitioners and experts.


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