Master of Science:

Architectural Studies

frequently asked questions

Q:    How do I apply for the program?

A:    Visit the apply page for online application and submission of a writing portfolio. 

Q:    Do I have to choose a track of study now?

A:    During the admission process, please indicate in your essay which track you are interested in applying for.  During your first semester you can change the track and craft your own path.  Tracks will be determined by the end of the first semester.

Q:    When am I assigned a committee chair?

A:    This will be determined with the program track director(s) during the first semester of study in the introduction course.

Q:    What fellowships and financial aid is available for MSAS students?

A:    Research fellowships in connection with ITAC are available based upon student topical interest and availability of funding.  Teaching fellowships are available as well.  Please indicate your interest in financial aid in the online application process.

Q:    Who do I contact with questions about applying for the program?

A:    Email Mayra Focht at  Please do not inquire about fellowships, or financial aid support.  If you indicate it in your essay you will be considered for research and teaching positions as a graduate student.

Q:    Who do I contact with questions about the MSAS Study Plan?

A:    Contact the track director for the topic you are most interested in.

Q:    Do I need to be enrolled every semester?

A:    The graduate school policy requires continuous enrollment in a graduate level degree or certificate program, as stated in the Graduate School admission website:

“Once admitted and enrolled, graduate students are required by Graduate School policy to maintain continuous registration during the academic year of fall and spring semesters. If a graduate student must stop out, he/she should file the appropriate paperwork for an ‘Official Leave of Absence’ through his/her academic department. Students failing to maintain continuous registration and who have not been granted an official leave of absence must reapply for admission to the Graduate School through the University’s Admissions Office.”

Q:    What if I want to matriculate to the M.Arch/MSAS dual degree program after I have started one of the degree programs?

A:    Students in either the M.Arch or MSAS program will need to decide within the first year of study their desire for matriculation to the other program in order to be able to overlap 12 credits toward both degrees.  As such, students will need to apply for the program using the standard application process and will be reviewed in the same rigor as the individual degree programs.

Q:    How do I decide which courses I can use for both the M.Arch and MSAS degree in the dual degree program?

A:    Matriculated students will need to determine which courses will be counted towards their current graduate degree (if they wish to continue pursuing it) and which courses will be counted toward the MSAS degree. Coursework can not be counted towards two separate degrees unless a dual degree agreement is in place.

Q:    Can I apply graduate coursework from another institution to the MSAS degree program?

A:    Transfer credit from another institution can be used to fulfill up to 6 credits of required courses and transfer credit from another degree program at the University of Utah can be used to fulfill up to 9 credits for required MSAS degree program courses.  However, the total number of credits for the MSAS degree and the M.Arch/MSAS degree programs cannot be changed.  Therefore students will make up these credits in electives.


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