Tariq Banuri

Professor / Lecturer

Tariq Banuri combines expertise in sustainable development and climate change with practical experience in three areas (a) the design and implementation of development policies and programmes, (b) building of development institutions and networks, and (c) support and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes.

His contributions to public service include his most recent assignment as the Director of the UN Division for Sustainable Development, earlier appointments at successively higher positions in Pakistan’s civil service (in some of the poorest areas of the country), and participation in national as well as international high-level forums. These include professional panels at the UN, especially AGECC, the IPCC (as Coordinating Lead Author), and the CDP; governmental committees in Pakistan, especially PEPC (Pakistan Environmental Protection Council), the central bank’s board of directors, and the Presidential Committee on Higher Education (as member/ secretary); as well as governing boards, editorial boards, and other professional bodies, most notably as elected chair of IUCN’s Commission on Environmental, Economic, and Social Policy.

He has contributed to the design a number of development institutions and international networks, either as founding director (of SDPI in Pakistan and SEI-Asia in Thailand; or as expert member or consultant in the design process of such diverse entities as the UN’s SE4All Initiative, Pakistan’s HEC, NSPP, the HDF, and SRSP.

He has received a number of honours and awards. He was a member of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. In 2002, he was awarded the medal Sitara e Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan for his contribution to research and education.