Research You Can Use — By Professor Ewing

March 2015 Issue:
Golden Age of Street Design

November 2014 Issue:
Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

August/September 2014 Issue:
Hot Journal, Hotter Cities

June 2014 Issue:
Mapping Mobility

April 2014 Issue:
Not Your Grandparents’ Regression Analysis

February 2014 Issue:
Observation As A Research Method

December 2013 Issue:
Costs of Sprawl Revisited

October 2013 Issue:
Reviewing the Reviews

July 2013 Issue:
Come Home to JAPA

April 2013 Issue:
Coordinating Land Use and Transportation in Sacramento

February 2013 Issue:
Mixing Methods for Clearer Results

December 2012 Issue:
A “New” (250-Year-Old) Way of Thinking about Statistics

October 2012 Issue:
Brouhaha Over JAPA Article: Is Flawed Peer Review to Blame?

July 2012 Issue:
Accessibility vs. Mobility: The Right Methodology

April 2012 Issue:
Great Topic (Urban Agriculture) and Good Start (to Academic Career)

February 2012 Issue:
Experiments and Quasi-Experiments:Two Great New Studies

December 2011 Issue:
Is Anyone Listening As Climate Change Speeds Up?

October 2011 Issue:
Another Bonanza

July 2011 Issue:
Urban Design vs. Urban Planning: a Distinction With a Difference

April 2011 Issue:
Traffic Generated by MXD: New Prediction Methods Ahead

February 2011 Issue:
Make Way for a New Theory

December 2010 Issue:
Translational Research in Action

October 2010 Issue:
Translational Research: The Next New Thing

July 2010 Issue:
Peer Review Clarifies Lots of Things, Including the Relationship of Sprawl and Air Pollution

April 2010 Issue:
A ‘Natural Experiment’—Closing Broadway

February 2010 Issue:
A Bonanza of Journal Articles

September/October 2009 Issue:
What Planners Need to Know About Evaluating LEED

July 2009 Issue:
Compact Development and Good Outcomes—Environmental Determinism, Self-Selection, or Some of Both?

May 2009 Issue:
Using Safe Streets as a Research Priority

March 2009 Issue:
Meta-Analysis of Plan Quality—More than a Literature Review

January 2009 Issue:
When Quantitative Research Trumps Qualitative—What Makes Transfer of Development Rights Work?

November 2008 Issue:
First Look at Climate Action Plans—So Much More to be Done

August/September 2008 Issue:
Graduated Density Zoning—The Danger of Generalizing from a Sample of One

June 2008 Issue:
Different Models of Metropolitan Economic Performance

February 2008 Issue:
Land Readjustment—Learning from International Research

December 2007 Issue:
The Demand for Smart Growth: What Survey Research Tells Us

October 2007 Issue:
When Qualitative Research Trumps Quantitative—Cultural Economy and Smart Growth

July 2007 Issue:
Security of Public Spaces: New Measures Are Reliable, But Are They Valid?

May 2007 Issue:
The Perils of Causal Inference: Bicycling in Davis, California

March 2007 Issue:
Regional Scenario Plans and Meta-Analysis

January 2007 Issue:
Finding happiness in public-private partnerships. The Case for Case Studies

November 2006 Issue:
Does Growth Management Work? Program Evaluation at Its Best