Graduate Degrees

City & Metropolitan Planning Graduate Program

The Profession & the Degree Planning is a profession dedicated to helping manage change. Planners assist in creating opportunities related to the preservation and enhancement of community life, the protection of urban environments, the promotion of equity and the management of urban growth and change. Planners address numerous public issues affecting where people live, work, shop and play; how they get from place to place; what communities look like; how communities work and how we use or conserve our resources.

Specializations vary widely and include land use and environmental planning, planning law and administration, community and economic development, transportation planning, urban design and preservation, conflict resolution and consensus building, and governmental information systems. Recurring themes include: human settlements, interconnections, remote and indirect consequences, pathways for future change, multicultural contexts, diversity of needs, participatory decision-making, and linking knowledge to political action.

Masters in City & Metropolitan Planning

Graduate Certificate in City & Metropolitan Planning

Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

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