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Final Studio Project by Hunter Gunderson

Final Studio Project by Hunter Gunderson

Project 2005 - Big Johnson

big johnsonThe Johnson House is a 1400 square foot straw bale home and carport. The finished house consists of a great room and kitchen, four bedrooms, one full bath, one half bath/laundry room, and a 300 square foot carport. It utilizes a post and big johnsonbeam structure with custom designed steel trusses that allow an open span of 28' in the great room. The straw bale acts as an insulator, providing the residence with double the insulation of a conventional home.

The south wall of the home has large windows that allow passive solar gain which is captured by the thermal mass of the concrete floor and dissipated throughout the house during the day and night. The roof casts a shadow over these windows during the summer but allows the sun in during the winter. In addition to the sun, a wood burning stove provides an additional heat source. The exterior structure consists of three simple shed roofs for the carport, main level and split level bedrooms. Bales are finished in an earthen plaster, made from a local top soil and sand. big johnsonThe cantilevered bedroom corner is clad in metal, creating an interesting juxtaposition between materials.

The carport uses a post and beam structure as well with river rock filled gabion cage walls. The rock gaps allow for a gentle breeze, but block the sun and high winds. A roof above protects from the rains and snow, while open top windows allow light and ventilation.

big johnson