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Final Studio Project by Matthew Hieb

Final Studio Project by Matthew Hieb

Master of Architecture (2-year and 3+ programs)

Program Requirements

The graduate program is characterized by choice and flexibility. The student assembles a program tailored to his/her individual interests. The curriculum is composed of nine academic areas in which courses are offered in a session (7-week) or semester (15-week) format. The student selects from course areas to meet required semester hours. Extra work in an academic area is applied as an elective. Please note the following guidelines for structuring a program:

1. Required courses must be taken in all of the academic areas to fulfill the requirements for graduation, including studio, communications, structures, technology, history, theory, professional practice, electives, and master's project.

2. A semester of studio must be included in the first fall semester of the program.

3. All four session courses from the Professional Practice academic area are required and are co-requisite with the Final Studio course.

4. Final Studio is a one-semester course and must be completed during the final semester of the program.

5. Students must complete the equivalent of three semester courses per semester in order to demonstrate progress towards graduation. (Two session courses equal one semester course.) Progress at less than this rate without prior written permission of the chair will result in dismissal from the program.

Studio Courses

Graduate studios are divided into sections, each of which offers a different topic. Students attend a meeting at the beginning of each semester to learn about studio topics, and then indicate a first, second and third studio preference. Assignments for studios are based on preferences and faculty assessment. Assignments are posted the following day. Students may register for studio when assignments are completed.

Academic Area Requirements

Academic Area


Select From



3 semesters of course work

6005, 6015, 6016

6015 must be taken in Fall of 1st year


1 semester of course work

6050, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6054, 6057 Includes computer graphics

Includes computer graphics


1 semester of course work

6300(1.5), 6301(1.5), 6302(1.5), 6303(1.5)



1 semester of course work

6340, 6352, 6353, 6360(1.5), 6370, 6570


History, Theory & Criticism

2 semesters of course work

6200, 6203, 6205, 6212, 6229(1.5), 6230, 6231, 6232, 6233, 6234, 6235, 6239, 6261(1.5), 6270; 6271; 6272; 6273; 6275


Professional Practice

All 4 sessions are required

6700(1.5), 6701(1.5), 6702(1.5), 6720(1.5)

 Must be taken in last year of program


12 credit hours

Graduate Level Class

5000 + in any acadmic program

Master's Project

1 semester


See Guidelines link below

Master of Architecture Electives Guidelines
Final Studio Guidelines

Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MSAS) Program

The MSAS program is designed for students seeking education in a specialty area (historic preservation, architectural technology, digital fabrication, visual representation) of architectural practice or as a consulting specialist.  The program can be completed by students in approximately two years of study and prepares students for professional practice in a specialty area of architecture.  This degree is not accredited to gain licensure for practice as an architect or other field requiring professional licensing.  Any student wishing to enter the program must apply for acceptance in the fall semester prior to their first year of study.

Click here for MSAS Program information.