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Final Studio Project by Brittany Johnson

Final Studio Project by Brittany Johnson

Ryan E. Smith

Associate Professor
Director of the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center (ITAC)

Smith is the Director of the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center (ITAC). The mission of the center is to to promote integration in architecture that works to flatten the process and product technology that lead to sustainable and lean design and construction practice. Smith's research includes analyzing the integration process, players and collaborations toward lean and sustainable solutions to architecture. This includes methods such as the use of BIM, energy, and lifecycle simulation. In addition, Smith develops, tests, and monitors existing and emergent holistic integrated technology products (varied in scale) for energy efficient buildings and applies these to practice through university ~ industry collaborations and demonstration projects. His work in the center has been funded by public and private institutions and companies nationally and the research has received recognition awards by the ACSA and the ARCC. Smith also teaches in the areas of materials and process of design to construction, sustainability of materials, digital means that facilitate design to construction, sustainability quantification, prefabrication and building technology ~ studio integrative pedagogy. He has received the ACSA Collaborative Practice and the ACSA Creative Achievement Award for his industry collaborative teaching. Smith is a graduate of the University of Arizona and UC Berkeley. He is author of Prefab Architecture: a guide to modular design and construction (Wiley 2010) and co-editor of Building Systems: design technology society (Routledge 2012). He is President of the Building Technology Educators' Society (2011).